Ms Natha Kanjanabode

Natha is a Thai international educationalist with extensive experience in marketing and administration in international schools, kindergartens, pre-schools, and children edutainment centres. She is an enthusiastic and developing polyglot who speaks Thai, Chinese, English, plus a smattering of Russian. She is a graduate of the Russian Studies Programme at Thammasat University, Bangkok, and has studied Chinese language at National Taiwan Normal University. Aside from Thailand, Natha has worked in Russia and Taiwan and done educational research in all three countries.

Natha is an accomplished organiser and administrator and can also, when needed, turn her hand to very effective classroom teaching.

As a Generation Z individual and ‘Modern Asian Woman’, Natha brings insight into the ambitions, attitudes and expectations of her gender and generation which she uses to good effect in her research into education and in her digital marketing work for schools and kindergartens.

Natha is based in the WLA Bangkok offices where she has the role of Executive Manager.