Our Consultancy and Advisory services for International and Private Schools are listed below. They are designed to be delivered online unless it is practical and necessary to do otherwise. Whitehead international school consultancy focuses on international school investment, business opportunities, international school start-ups, international school quality assurance, international school leadership and management solutions. We are devoted to management consulting education, providing international teaching services and international school training. These serve to reduce client fees while maintaining adherence to global health and safety recommendations and rulings. These are our primary service headings. Each heading has many layers, and the consultancy will be tailored to the individuals’ and school’s needs. If you are interested in it, browse the following content.


Find investors for your school business

  • Fresh Funds: additional investment for existing schools
  • New Funds: investment for new builds and planned school projects
  • Our Job: Locating potential investors for your school and advising on the investment process.

Leadership Training and Mentoring

Learn and explore Leadership with the experts

  • Providing professional development and training in leadership and management for individual leaders and school teams
  • Providing individual mentoring programs for school leaders and owners
  • Our job: Assisting the school in enhancing its leadership status and potential by providing leaders and senior managers with related training and guidance in all aspects of organizational culture, behavior, and development.


Promote your school to a global market

  • Guidance on Digital marketing processes and techniques in China and Asia
  • Our Job: To advise on digital marketing processes in China and Asia and the use of digital technology to promote school services and image

School Climate Well-being

Enable a positive school climate

  • Undertaking a well-being audit of the school (qualitative and quantitative methods)
  • Providing guidance on how to improve the well-being of school community
  • Our Job: Assisting the school in recognizing staff and student well-being as a key variable in informing a positive and wholesome school climate and addressing areas which require improvement.

Human Resource and Personnel Management

Develop people, develop your school

  • Assisting in recruitment processes
  • Establishing fit for purpose HR and Personnel Departments
  • Our Job: To help ensure the HR aspects of the school are working to best effect and providing the necessary underpinning to organization effectiveness.

Maximising School Effectiveness

Best advice on building effectiveness across your school

  • Advice on creating the most effective school in terms of business models and educational processes and outcomes
  • Our Job: Undertaking maximization effectiveness audits, incorporating all aspects of the school operation and producing report advising on necessary steps to ensure optimum organizational (business and education) effectiveness.

Canadian International School Affiliations

Explore developing your own Canadian International School

  • Linking current and potential international school owners with Canadian Provincial Ministries of Education with a view to creating Canadian International Schools.
  • Our Job: Advising current and potential school owners/leaders on Canadian International School affiliations and guiding them through the affiliation process.

Human Resource and Personnel Management

Implement world class international school curricula

  • Canadian International School curriculum development and enhancement, both online and classroom based.
  • Our Job: To advise and guide schools on all aspects concerning the implementation of Canadian international curricula.

Learning Technology and Design

Achieve fully integrated design and technology

  • Incorporating design and technology into teaching, learning and management systems.
  • Our Job: Advising on the introduction and enhancement of design and technology in schools, including STEM, visual arts, and Virtual Reality.

Canadian International School Affiliations

Put the building of your international school on the right track

  • Identifying new school build projects
  • Initiating new school build projects
  • Overseeing new school build projects
  • Consulting on new school build projects
  • Our Job: Providing structured guidance on every aspect of a new school build as required, including but not exclusive to, location, business planning, investment, curriculum, staff recruitment, leadership and management, health and safety, well-being, marketing and market research.

How Our Service Works

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