Investment Opportunity in the UK's Buy-to-Let Property Market.

With the ongoing demand for rental properties and the potential for significant long-term returns, as well as a weak pound, investing in buy-to-let properties in the UK is a wise investment strategy.

Mr. Jay Whitehead 

Our co-founder and property broker Jay is based in Taipei and has 5 years experience in the market. Fluent in Mandarin and currently brokering property deals for Taiwanese foreign investors he sees the value in opening up this market to Thai investors. He is looking forward to helping you find the perfect property investment in the UK.

Market Introduction

The UK’s property market has experienced steady growth over the years, with buy-to-let properties emerging as a popular investment option for many investors. In the current climate, demand for rental properties continues to increase, with many renters unable to afford to buy a property, and some choosing to rent instead of committing to a mortgage. Furthermore, the growth in the UK population, particularly in urban areas, has led to a sustained demand for rental properties. However, over the last year the property market has been in decline, resulting in a great opportunity to buy a property for less than its market value.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is to identify suitable properties in high-demand rental areas, which can provide stable rental income and the potential for capital appreciation over time. We will focus on properties in key UK cities, such as London, Manchester and Leeds which have strong rental demand and are projected to experience long-term growth. We will seek to acquire properties below market value, which will provide us with an immediate equity gain, and will seek to optimize rental yields by making strategic improvements to the properties to increase rental value. Our team of property experts will carefully select eachproperty, considering factors such as location, rental demand, and potential for growth.

Risk Management

We recognize that investing in buy-to-let properties comes with some risks, such as potential market fluctuations, tenant issues, and maintenance costs. However, our risk management strategy includes a thorough due diligence process, which includes detailed financial analysis, property inspections, and tenant background checks. We will also ensure that each property has adequate insurance coverage to mitigate potential risks

Return on Investment

The ROI for buy-to-let properties in the UK can vary depending on several factors such as location, property type, market demand, and overall expenses. However, as a general rule of thumb, most buy-to-let investors aim for a minimum annual yield of 5-6% on their investment. For example, if an investor purchases a property for £200,000 and rents it out for £1,000 per month, the annual rental income would be £12,000. With an annual return of £12,000 on a £200,000 investment, the ROI would be 6%.

It’s important to note that there are additional expenses associated with owning a buy-to-let property, such as mortgage payments, property management fees, repairs and maintenance, and insurance costs. These expenses can vary significantly depending on the property, location, and other factors, and can impact the overall ROI.

What We Do?

Firstly, we will present to you a selection of the most suitable properties available for your
investment amount. Once we have sourced the property, we will then work together through the
legal process until the acquisition is finalized. Finally, we will help find tenants and manage the
day to day issues that come with buy-to-let properties


Investing in the UK’s buy-to-let property market presents a unique opportunity for investors looking roto generate stable, long-term returns. With our carefully planned investment strategy, we are confident that we can identify suitable properties and optimize rental yields, while effectively managing any potential risks.

1 bedroom apartment in central Leeds

Monthly rental income £850
ROI 7%

12A, Albion Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1


1 bedroom apartment in central Leeds  Yorkshire, LS1

£150,000 Monthly rental income

Vassali House, 20 Central Road, Leeds, West