Ms.Sophie Lim

Ms. Sophia Lim has 22 years of involvement in international and private education in South East Asia at leadership and directorship levels. She is currently based in Adelaide, Australia, prior to which she was Director of Sarjana Education Group (Brunei and Malaysia) for 4 years. As a Director of Sarjana Education Group (SEG), Sophia had oversight of all five SEG schools with particular responsibility for the Sarjana Bruneian section, consisting of over 2500 students and 300 staff including Principals and Senior Management Teams.

Starting in the role of Deputy Principal, and subsequently Principal, of the Bruneian sector of the group, she was instrumental in the growth of the organisation from a junior school into a senior school and on to the establishment of an International school and branch schools within the region.

As Director of SEG, Sophia introduced a number of initiatives designed to enhance school performance, student outcomes, and financial effectiveness. She was actively involved in professional development for all the schools and worked to ensure SEG maintained its primary position within Brunei’s private and international education provision.

Sophia was proactive in the development, implementation and compliance of all policies within the group. Her skills are in the area of leadership, school management, accountability, and building school culture and leadership. She is a highly effective leader who brings empathy and professional ethics to all her work. As a WLA Associate, Sophia will provide clients with insights and advice into school improvement, leadership development, human resource management and profit maximisation.

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