Ms. Elisa Yazidi

Elisa Yazidi is an expert in digital marketing in China. She is a hyper-polyglot who speaks eight languages including Mandarin (three fluently, two conversationally, three moderately).

Elisa has been living and working in China since 2012, when she made her first attempt to learn Chinese. Fast forward eight years, Elisa is now fluent in Chinese with a deep understanding of international and Chinese marketing. She likes to share her knowledge and experience with clients from all over the world through training, workshops, and webinars. As a hyper-polyglot with a deep understanding of Chinese culture, Elisa is perfectly positioned to explain to non-Chinese the intricacies of Chinese digital marketing and how to best utilise the plethora of marketing channels available in China, thereby maximizing customer and client impact particularly through segmented and niche platforms.

Elisa works with EhaiTech, a multicultural advertising agency offering both Chinese marketing and international marketing services. As a Premium Google Partner, EhaiTech is also known as the Guangzhou Google Ads Experience Center, with offices both in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Entrusted to operate on behalf of Google, EhaiTech applies the same strict service standards to both its overseas and Chinese marketing projects.

Elisa brings unique and valuable skills and knowledge to the WLA Associate portfolio, and will assist WLA clients in addressing most any marketing query, especially regards China and South East Asia.

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