Mr. B. Robert (Bob) Haines

Mr. Bob Haines is a highly experienced educationalist and consultant for international schools in Asia. His particular specialism is Canadian international curricula and the setting up of Canadian international affiliate schools, including the Canadian International School of Tokyo, which he helped establish in 1999. Other international schools which Bob has worked closely with include the Delia Group of Schools, Hong Kong.  

A devoted and enthusiastic educationalist, Bob has several degrees: a BA in Physical Education from the University of New Brunswick, Canada; a BA in Arts and Education from Acadia University, Canada; and an MA in Education from the University of Hartford, USA. During his career, Bob has held an impressive range of high-level teaching, leadership and positions in Canadian education, including Inspector of Schools; Executive Director of Education; Adult Education Supervisor and Principal of Elementary and Secondary Schools across Nova Scotia, Canada.

As the Executive Director of Education Programs in Nova Scotia, Bob’s responsibilities included overseeing of the Nova Scotia Teacher’s College, school inspection services, school curriculum, teacher certification as well as the Provinces’ public libraries and museums.  During this time with the Department, Bob was asked by the Council of Ministers of Education for Canada to represent them in meeting with representatives of the United Nations in seeking ways to help developing countries with Sports and Recreation.  Bob subsequently attended meetings in Moscow, Soviet Union, Bogota, Columbia as well as Paris, France.  Bob held this position for three years. 

Although Bob has spent most of his working life in executive positions in Canadian education, he is especially familiar with the workings of international schools in China, Hong Kong and Japan.

He is currently closely liaising with several Canadian provinces’ Ministries of Education in exploring investment opportunities for Canadian international schools (new and existing) in East and southeast Asia, as well as the establishment of Canadian online international curricula.  

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