Latest Development from WLA

The Library in the Forest & Lee Park

76 Moo 8 Yuwa Subdistrict, San Pa Tong District, Chiang Mai, 50120

This unique centre will incorporate a Library, Awareness Centre, Environmental Learning Centre, Lecture Rooms, Online Education Services, and information centre for local people and tourists. The centre will be 100% environmentally sustainable with its own solar cell system, water supply, waste disposal system. 

Dr Denry Machin joins WLA as Senior Associate/Consultant.
Denry’s pedagogical background encompasses international schooling, independent boarding, and the UK state sector. Formerly Head of Upper School at Harrow Bangkok and Associate Director (Special Projects) for Harrow International Management Services, he has considerable experience of schools operating in diverse and competitive contexts, particularly in Asia. 

Despite inclusivity’s importance and most people’s desire for it, understanding inclusivity can be tricky. This book introduces the concept of Total Inclusivity to organisations, their leaders and employees around the world. It aims to help organisations and those people who create them to become Totally Inclusive Communities, wherein diversity is valued, healthy identities are enabled, respect for difference prevails and every member counts – regardless of their identity mix.

The book provides insights into how identity works and defines Total Inclusivity as concept and practice. Whitehead suggests what organisations can do to safeguard and nurture diverse organisational identities. The book also provides easy-to-follow guidelines on how we can implement Total Inclusivity in organisation through individuals.

Written in an accessible style, while informed by contemporary research into the self, organisations and identities, this book will not only guide organizational members – owners, CEOs, leaders, managers, administrators and every staff member – along the pathway to creating a Totally Inclusive Community, it will establish a bold and provocative ethical standard for organisations to follow as they venture further into this century.