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Who are we?

Whitehead, Lee & Associates Co., Ltd.

Business-education Consultancy for International Schools


Whitehead, Lee & Associates Co. Ltd is a global educational consultancy with its Head Office in Thailand and representation in China, UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. As a highly qualified education consultancy company, our directors have been involved in international and private education provision for years. That will hugely helpful in guiding the services of our company. We specialize in providing high-quality, bespoke, business-education solutions for owners and leaders of international and private schools around the world. And we offer education consulting business services. Furthermore, we furnish capable consultants for opening schools. Therefore, we provide you with the most experienced services and solutions for management consulting education at Whitehead.

Main Services

When you connect with WLA, you immediately connect with the world of international and private education and, via WLA networks, with literally thousands of educational professionals across the globe. Whether your operational and business needs are guidance on a new-start-up city kindergarten; seeking investors/investment for your existing international schoolundertaking a safeguarding/inclusivity auditdeveloping online curricula; or simply wondering how to maximize your school’s bottom line without compromising quality and reputation, WLA will likely have a solution.

The Cooperative-style Organizational Structure of WLA

WLA is a 21st century-style business cooperative, with all members (Associates and Directors) contributing and benefiting on a transparent and equitable level and in a way that draws most effectively on professional knowledge and skill sets. The cooperative-style organizational structure of WLA enables us to bring experienced and skilled international educational specialists into your organization in a way which is both cost and educationally effective.

We speak over a dozen languages and have experience working as educationalists in most every East and South East Asian country, plus the UK, Canada, and the USA. We have taught in leading schools, colleges and universities around the world. Many of us have established our own international schools, especially in Asia. We firmly understand the complex relationship between sound business practices and quality educational provision.

Our Team

WLA Directors and Associates are first and foremost international educationalists. But they are also entrepreneurs and business people, men and women who understand that private and international schools must safeguard their bottom line without compromising academic excellence and reputation. The world of international schooling and private education is vastly different from what it was pre-COVID-19. There are new pressures on school owners and leaders. But there are also new opportunities. To handle those pressures, even the most experienced professionals sometimes need a critical friend to guide them through the options. Likewise, grasping the opportunities requires insight into and understanding of different choices and assessing them objectively. WLA can help you through this complex decision-making process.

Because the WLA team of Directors and Associates have, in total, many decades experience as international and private school owners, leaders and investors you can be assured of receiving the highest level of professional guidance and advice no matter what your needs. WLA offers a comprehensive range of services including investors and investment strategies; financial management; online and classroom curriculum development; learning technology and design; building and refurbishment; human resource and personnel management; leadership training and mentoring; digital marketing in China and Asia; new-owner start-up guidance and support.

A specialism of WLA is Canadian International School affiliations, investment and curricula. We have close links with several Canadian provincial governments and their ministries of education. Opportunities currently exist for investment in new and existing Canadian international schools across China and South East Asia. Interested parties should contact us directly.

Whatever your need, problem or challenge, you can be assured WLA will have a specialist who can help you resolve it.

Leadership can be a lonely, isolating experience, especially in today’s complex, contingent, social-media-driven world. Every school team, every school leader, and every school owner, needs neutral, informed, objective, professional guidance and advice at some point. WLA can provide you with the overview and insight that might make all the difference between success and failure, and which can take your school to the next level.

  • Link with WLA, and give your school, college or university that added layer of professionalism and expertise necessary to enable your organization to handle change and challenges in today’s dynamic and unpredictable business-education environment.
  • Link with WLA, a consultancy service designed to provide bespoke business-education solutions and opportunities for International and private schools anywhere in the world.
  • Link with WLA, because everyone needs someone by their side sometimes.
  • Link with WLA, because it makes sense, financially and educationally.
  • Link with WLA, because we know business as well as we know education.

Directors and Associates of WLA

WLA consists of two founding directors, Dr. Stephen Whitehead and Dr. Patrick Lee and a large team of highly experienced Associates, educational professionals with many years of experience in international and private education provision.

WLA Directors

Dr. Stephen M. Whitehead

Dr. Stephen M. Whitehead is co-Founder and Director of the international school consultancy, Whitehead, Lee & Associates, Co. Ltd (Thailand and Canada). Stephen is an internationally renowned educational practitioner and academic. He is the lead writer and co-editor for the Educational Digest International publication. He specializes in inclusivity training, leadership development, and global socio-political-cultural insights for educational and private organizations.

Dr. Patrick Lee

Dr Patrick Lee is co-Founder and Director of the international school consultancy, Whitehead, Lee & Associates, Co. Ltd (Thailand and Canada). Patrick has held several senior leadership positions in the 27 years with the Delia Group of Schools, Hong Kong. He joined the Delia Group of Schools in 1993 as a teacher and became the Principal of Delia School of Canada in 2001.  In 2013, Patrick was appointed Director for all the Delia Group of Schools (Delia School of Canada, Delia School of Canada (Kowloon East), Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo), Delia Memorial School (Yuet Wah), Delia Memorial School (MR), Delia Memorial School (Glee Path), Delia Memorial School (Broadway), Delia English Primary School and Kindergarten, Delia English Primary School (Man Kiu), and Springview Kindergarten).

Our Associates


Enabling business-education solutions for international and private schools around the world.