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Whitehead, Lee & Associates Co. Ltd is a global educational consultancy with its Head Office in Thailand and representation in China, UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. We specialize in providing high-quality and bespoke business-education solutions for owners and leaders of international and private schools around the world. Whitehead international school consultancy is dedicated to providing business-education solutions with international school leadership.

Our Team

The cooperative-style organizational structure of WLA enables us to bring experienced and skilled international educational specialists into your organization in a way that is both cost and educationally effective. WLA consists of two founding directors, Dr. Stephen Whitehead and Dr. Patrick Lee and a large team of highly experienced Associates, educational professionals with many years of experience in international and private education provision. Whitehead international school consultancy is a 21st century-style business cooperative, with all members (Associates and Directors) contributing and benefiting on a transparent and equitable level and in a way that draws most effectively on professional knowledge and skill sets.

Our Vision

We speak over a dozen languages and have experience of working as educationalists in most every East and South East Asian country, plus the UK, Canada, and the USA. We have taught in leading schools, colleges and universities around the world. Many of us have established our own international schools, especially in Asia. We firmly understand the complex relationship between sound business practices and quality educational provision.


Our Consultancy and Advisory Services for International and Private Schools.

Please note that all WLA consultancy and advisory services listed below are designed to be delivered online unless it is practical and necessary to do otherwise. This serves to reduce client fees while maintaining adherence to global health and safety recommendations and rulings. These are our primary service headings. Each heading does of course have many layers and the actually consultancy will be tailored to the individuals’and school’s needs.

  1. Investment
  2. Leadership Training and Mentoring
  3. Marketing
  4. School Climate Well-being
  5. School Build and Design
  6. Human Resource and Personnel Management
  7. Maximizing school effectiveness
  8. Canadian International School Affiliations
  9. Canadian International Curriculum development
  10. Learning technology and design


WLA uses clean energy in all its projects. An example is the Library in the Forest project in San Patong, Chiang Mai. WLA has over ten year’s experienced in converting solar cell energy into electrical energy thereby reducing environmental problems. Alternative energy and sustainable energy are considered the best forms of natural energy. There is no impact on nature or any living creatures.

Despite inclusivity’s importance and most people’s desire for it, understanding inclusivity can be tricky. This book introduces the concept of Total Inclusivity to organisations, their leaders and employees around the world. It aims to help organisations and those people who create them to become Totally Inclusive Communities, wherein diversity is valued, healthy identities are enabled, respect for difference prevails and every member counts – regardless of their identity mix.

The book provides insights into how identity works and defines Total Inclusivity as concept and practice. Whitehead suggests what organisations can do to safeguard and nurture diverse organisational identities. The book also provides easy-to-follow guidelines on how we can implement Total Inclusivity in organisation through individuals.

Written in an accessible style, while informed by contemporary research into the self, organisations and identities, this book will not only guide organizational members – owners, CEOs, leaders, managers, administrators and every staff member – along the pathway to creating a Totally Inclusive Community, it will establish a bold and provocative ethical standard for organisations to follow as they venture further into this century.

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