As competition in the international school’s business increases, investors and owners of these schools need to think of new ways of attracting new students and retaining current ones. For those who may not know, an international school is an education facility that follows one of the approved international school’s curricula, like the Cambridge international curriculum.

Enhancing your school’s competitiveness will require taking an extra step and seeking knowledge from experts in the global education consultancy who spend most of their time figuring out how best to optimize a global education business.

Global Education Consultancy

This article will discuss the importance of enhancing your school’s competitiveness and image on the global market. We shall also share with you how Whitehead, Lee & Associates international school consultancy can help you achieve this.

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Importance of enhancing your school’s competitiveness and image

  • It raises your school’s profile: Enhancing your school’s competitiveness and images often involve improving its quality of education and other additional services. In the long term, this gradually raises its profile on the international scene.
  • Attract high-quality source of students: In the process of enhancing your school’s competitiveness, you will often invest in branding and marketing. When branding and marketing are done well, the result is attracting high-quality sources of students.
  • Attract more investment projects: An international school that tries to be better than the competition will often have more chances of getting investment projects than one that doesn’t mind its position in the market. Education investors usually consider the efforts the school is putting in to be the best in the market at what they do.

International school consultancy

How Whitehead, Lee & Associates international school consultancy helps enhance school competitiveness and image.

  1. Leadership Training and Mentoring

A school that will be successful on the international market needs to have leaders with the expertise and knowledge about international education. Whitehead, Lee & Associates offers leadership training and mentoring to equip school leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to run a global education institution. This training is executed by experts that have been in the educational consulting services for many years, so they know what works and what doesn’t.

  1. The use of digital technology to promote school services and image

Technology is growing at a very high rate, and most of the time, those in charge of international schools may not be aware of the best technologies they can use to promote their school’s services and images. One of the core activities at Whitehead, Lee & Associates international school consultancy is to research the best technologies that global education institutions can use to promote their services and image.  

  1. Human Resource and Personnel Management

Global education consultancy can also help you with issues related to human resource management. Some of these include guiding you on recruiting the best of workers (especially teachers) who have the right skills and expertise to teach subjects in the international curriculum.

  1. Maximizing School Effectiveness

Global education consultancy helps international schools maximize their potential by showing them how to improve the effectiveness of all departments. The experts at Whitehead, Lee & Associates will show you how to maximize every dollar that you invest in all departments of your global education business.

Global education consultancy


If you are an investor or owner of an international school, you need to start thinking of ways to improve your school’s image and competitiveness. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself out of business pretty soon.

Bringing on board experts from global education consultancy like Whitehead, Lee & Associates will save you a lot of time and money that you would have wasted trying to do it on your own. Of course, you will have to invest some money in this, and the results you will get at the end of the day are worth the investment.

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Whether you are a current or aspiring international educationalist and whatever problem you are seeking a solution to, the first step to engaging Whitehead, Lee & Associates is via our contact page on this website or the contact form at the bottom of the website.

On receiving your enquiry one of our team will reply to you usually within 24 hours.

Because each consultancy question and issue will be unique we can only offer a bespoke, individualised service to our clients. And establishing just what your specific needs are starts with an initial consultancy, which usually consists of several emails and perhaps an online meeting with one or more of the WLA team.

There is no charge for this initial consultancy, it is entirely free.

Should you wish to engage WLA to provide consultancy and advisory services, then we will begin working with you to produce a detailed programme of activity which identifies primary and secondary objectives and their timelines. At this point an appropriate Associate or team of Associates (plus lead Director) will be appointed to work with you.

Having identified and confirmed your consultancy needs, and drawn up a consultancy action plan, WLA will undertake a cost evaluation, including the fee we will charge for this work. Having been presented with this information, including fee, you then have the option to continue or not. Should you wish to continue then a contract will be drawn up which includes the agreed payment details for the work to be undertaken. If the work cannot be costed into the long-term, then a short-term or intermediary costing will be given.

Costings are therefore based entirely on the specific and identified consultancy needs of our clients. Staged payments can be agreed and all contracts will have exit points written into them to safeguard the interests of both WLA and its clients.

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